Thom Browne FW18



Thom Browne Suiting.

Thom Browne ’s stunted suiting silhouettes for men and women have placed him at the vanguard of New York’s fashion scene and have come to be the mainstay in both the designers brand and product identity. 

Since starting his own label in 2001 Browne made five suits for himself, wearing them around town in a form of guerilla advertising and imploring friends and contacts to buy from him.

“Thom’s suit is the new expression of the suit,” Tommy Fazio, men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman told New York Magazine at the time. “He’s really influencing everyone. I see his shape echoed throughout the market. But no one does it like Thom. And in the store it’s gotten to the point where guys just come in and say, ‘Where’s the Thom Browne?’ You hear it as much as ‘Where’s the ladies’ room?’ these days.”

Creative Direction  — Thom Browne
Photographer — Dustin Edward Arnold
Photographer — John Juniper
Stylist — Thom Browne Inc
Make-up  — Deanna Melluso
Hair — Cecilia Romero
Model — Youssouf Bamba
Model — Ajak Deng