Prius 3rd Generation Microsite


Natural Inspiration.
Technological Innovation.

Harmony between man, machine and nature was the creative platform to launch the 3rd Generation Prius. The digital component to the launch revolved around creating human, utopian visuals, demonstrations and experiences that make the often technical automotive industry optimistic and accessible. 

Harmony means to joint, to agree, to fit together. Prius harmony is all about searching for and finding formal similarities between man and nature- the essence of hybrid harmony capitalizes on these truths. Man has always been inspired by nature, through art, technology and engineering Toyota brings these influences together in one expressive vehicle, the Prius.

Natural Inspiration.
Technological Innovation

Fibre Optics as plant life.

Moves us forward.

Emination- using action of natural phenomena to tell a story. A rippling effect. Water drops on a pond, one drop touches everything, one prius touches everything, one leader touches everything, one innovation touches everything and MOVES IT FORWARD in harmony.

This is a ‘zen’ friendly, emotional experience about harmony and balance between man-machine-nature and how the Prius is the vehicle that drives this harmony home.