Integrated Fixtures

Spatial Design

Light as Medium.

Marium is a pop up shop in tokyo offering high end furniture and domestic objects which are curated to reflect changing patterns of living, working, collecting and investing. Marium intends to bridge the gap between bespoke craftmanship and contemporary design, which acts as both an artistic investment and a practical object.

As we know luxury and good design are far from being synonomous; one is not dependent on the other. Ostentation and visible wealth are grey areas in the definition of luxury. Luxury brands’ move towards a more cultural and intellectual underpinning is arising out of the awareness of design and architecture, this is in part Marium’s creative agenda.

Light is the medium of choice for the Marium Product Displays— creating stimulating, interactive environments with little investment of money for maximum impact. These new visual experiences are fueled by developments in cutting-edge display technology and materials intended to challenge existing perceptions of material surfaces and structure. The luxurious experience has been redefined not in terms of material objects but as a mindset.

This mindset is expressed via a lighting system embedded into the surface of the shelf. One so slim as to maintain an extreme visual elegance in its form factor but with maximum impact in terms of light control.

Light used as a vehicle for discovery.

Through research, artistic practices and quiet contemplation, light’s elusive being constantly re-creates itself in our mind’s eye, offering fresh epiphanies to every generation. | The very existence of that transformation suggests the possibility of further evolution, individually and culturally.

Seeing light is a metaphor for seeing the invisible in the visible, for new opportunities of discovery and perspective on design, objects, living and being. Marium subverts the remoteness of luxury fashion and celebrating Japanese domesticity, with new life being breathed into underutilized spaces.