LF-C2 Reveal


Lexus in a New Light

For some, there is a lingering perception that Lexus is focused around more traditional attributes like comfort, luxury and quality, despite the brand’s recent focus on more modern attributes like design. In reality, Lexus is a more design-driven brand than ever before, with initiatives like the Intersect Store, The Crafted Line, Design Disruptedand the Lexus Design Award. 

The LF-C2 concept launch is another initiative consistent with a more design-driven Lexus brand, one that puts Lexus in a whole new light.

The LF-C2 film is a signal of the end of one thing and subsequent beginning of the new. In this case, a new era in Lexus's approach to design. The eclipse metaphor is used to mark a monumental event for an iconic brand, something that is as rare as it is large, that radiates and illuminates the future.