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The Deconstructed Bauhaus:
A Re-Examination of Modernist Design

Since the founding of the movement, no other style in architecture and design has influenced culture like the Bauhaus has – both in style and philosophy.

From modernism to the avant-garde, the
‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ - the concept of combining the artistic disciplines of architecture, sculpture, painting, typography – with craft and engineering
under the credo “Form follows function” has become the hallmark under which the majority of the creative and engineering world has operated since the founding of the movement in the 1920’s.

The Bauhaus philosophy has produced artisans and designers capable of creating useful and beautiful objects for a new way of living.

Fast forward almost 100 years, and design is one of the worlds most important and least understood shapers of culture and perception today. But to appreciate it you must know what to look for- how to ‘read’ culture. As these visual codes have been combined, melded and reformed, we get the sense that the aesthetic has evolved completely.