Case Study


Seduction through the senses.

D.L. & Co. is a home luxury brand founded by Perfumer and Homewear Designer Douglas Little. D.L. & Co., was born of the desire to bring objects of opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and exquisite.

Believing that any modern luxury brand must appeal to all the senses D.L. & Co. was designed as a true multi-sensory brand, with products dedicated to sight, touch, scent, sound, and taste.

First expressed through fragrance and home items, then later through confections, installations and events. Each item was designed with acute attention to detail and a respect and appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

Weaving story through product:

Each fragrance produced  is a re-interpretation of obscure botanica or an event of historical relevance. Allowing the patron to experience this through the senses and ‘own’ the experience.

As a brand it becomes a way to
contextualize the product, each release is a reference, a gift, a conversation between like minds.


Angel’s Trumpet

This exquisite flower hovers in languid suspension upon it’s vine, poised to become the most fragrant and alluring after dark.  upon it’s transformation in the moonight hours, it cajoles the senses to strike a delicate balance between intoxication and poisonous, perhaps settling somewhere between the two to charm the recipients of it’s seductive fragrance in to an altered state where the veil between the real and the imaginary lifts momentarily to allow a glimpse in to the world of unduring magic.

Creative Director & Perfumer—
Douglas Little
Art Director & Graphic Design —
Dustin Edward Arnold
Nicholas Alan Cope, Dana Maoine

Packaging Identity

The Tissue

The meticulous interior of each box ensures your candle a long life, preserving fragrance as its flame slumbers, nestled in a cool embrace of hand – pleated tissue imported from Switzerland, exclusively dyed for D.L. & Co.

The Box

Stitched in burmese silk, these carefully crafted containers recall the boxes that held cufflinks and collars at the turn of the century. The candle is enclosed in a satin ribbon chosen for its quality sheen and weight.

The Vessel

Referencing glassware that flourished at the turn of the century until the middle of the 20th century, it recalls the art deco’s penchant for organic yet stylized contours. The bowl is created from fine grade Australian sand, selected for it’sweight and ability to display an intense hue.

The Wax 

D.L. & Co. candles are comprised of a patented blend of soy, maple, and palm waxes. many of which are used for luxury body cremes and lotions. one immediately feels the difference in the wax when one runs a finger into the skin upon contact.


Identity System

Designed to reference the scalloped edges of the signature art deco bowl. The D.L. & Co. stationary system is designed with the same attention to detail that the core packaging embodies.

D.L. & Co. Scalloped Paper Goods

D.L. & Co. Paper Scalloped Perfume Fan

D.L. & Co. Catalogue

Mori Ex Cacao
Death by Chocolate

The genesis of D.L.&Co’s gastronomic collaboration with Valerie Confections is the belief that any modern luxury brand should appeal to all of the senses.  Loosely translated, Mori ex Cacao is Death by Chocolate – dangerously overwhelming indulgence.

These marvelous and macabre chocolate skulls are among the most extravagant confections made today, notable for the excellence and purity of their ingredients and the intricacy of their design. the organic components in the delicacies renders them exquisite, expensive, and an experience not to be missed.