DITA x Dita Von Teese


Dita Meets Dita.

Re-imagining the cat-eye through the eyes of Dita Von Teese. An Iconic all-titanium frame for the modern Femme Totale.

“The cat-eye is a well-worn style, a silhouette that rarely transcends the era in which it was created,” she explained. “My goal was to keep within the spirit of the 1950’s, but to craft our version in a slick, new way as a secret weapon for the modern Femme Totale.” — Dita Von Teese

High-end craftsmanship and technology from DITA’s creative studio provided the tools to achieve a distinctive new shape for the landmark partnership. A slender expanse of titanium spans the brow in a single, sinuous line, stripping away extraneous elements for the illusion of a floating lens. Sculptural details, from the hinge mount to harlequin-point titanium temples, were inspired by selections from Von Teese’s vast collection of vintage couture and curiosities.

Photographer—Dustin Edward Arnold
Hair—Tony Medina
Stylist—Caitlin Boelke
Make Up—Gregory Arlt

Seeing double with a cat-eye
for the modern femme totale.

Design that finds Beauty in Purpose: A bridgeless frame owing its distinctive shape to a slender expanse of titanium, which spans the frame’s acetate inlay in a single swoop at the brow.

Craftsmanship that Celebrates the Unseen: This aggressive cat-eye is crafted with a nylor lens mount, reducing mechanical tension between the lens and acetate rim while maintaining the frame’s minimal appearance.

Culture that Transcends Convention: Devised in collaboration with burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, this sinuous cat-eye frame channels the elegant sex appeal of the world’s most acclaimed cabaret performer.