Nicholas Alan Cope &
Dustin Edward Arnold

Modern science postulates that movement is life. That all things vibrate at varying frequencies and at varying rates, with incidents transfering their pulses outward through space. The intent of Aether was to map the topographies of this trembling. We usually interpret a space by examining it’s surfaces, but in bringing it’s internal state to the fore new interpretations arise.

Ancient thought considered Aether the quintessence (the fifth essence/element) which unlike the other elements (earth, air, fire, and water) acts as a vessel rather than the contents. It was an in-between substance, cradling and enfolding the others.

It was believed that aether could be awakened through the effects of the proper vibratory energy. In the same way that striking a tuning fork yeilds a vibratory harmony, the external forces of heat and pressure were said to reveal the objects true nature from which it was created. We began this awakenin through applying extreme heat to a variety of objects, chemicals, and liquids, the rate of heating and cooling acting as our own catalyst for vibration.

Cope/Arnold is the self initiated collaboration of creative team Nicholas Alan Cope & Dustin Edward Arnold. Both with varying backgrounds in photography and design Nicholas and Dustin met through a commercial project in 2007 and began their first collaboration in October of 2009. Each working beyond their respective discipline they combine the mediums of painting, chemistry, sculpture, fashion and installation as a part of their image-making process.